Monthly Archives October 2019

New ECT Research System

Our new APL-C-900 ECT research system has just been upgraded and the performance specification updated. Contact us to get a copy. APL-C-900 Base System The APL-C-900 base system is required for all Atout ECT systems.  It incorporates the power supply and ethernet communication bus and includes the control PC (laptop) and the powerful range of APL software including: Data acquisition (real-time) software: •           multi-frequency operation 1MHz, 2.5MHz, 5 MHz square wave, •           acquire and display capacitances in fF in real-time, •           save data in .bcp format and .csv format, •           capable of undertaking calibration in rig without sensor removal, •           save and load calibration files as required.
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Smart Tanks for Space*

Atout Process, in collaboration with ArianeGroup, and DLR are very pleased to announce the first results from a full scale CFC Smart Tank section. In a world first, the primary Smart Tank measurement, Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) has been successfully scaled up to 1m diameter for spacecraft applications. Ground based testing anticipates a target value down to 0.1%, in real time, for all fill levels, with sloshing propellant. The project has also successfully demonstrated gauging with tanks that include internal equipment, and has shown measurement of liquid nitrogen. Smart Tanks are being developed to provide reliable measurement of propellant mass
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