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ECT Research Systems:

A system that measures the mass, flow and distribution of liquids, gases and solids in pipes and tanks. It comprises of a base capacitance measurement unit, a custom designed sensor, and customised software.

The system can be adapted to suit all types of environment, depending on your requirements, such as in the 3 examples below:

Atout Research System
Atout Research System
Atout Industrial System
Atout Industrial System
Atout Integrated Flow Sensor
Atout Integrated Flow Sensor

The overall system gives you a cross sectional view of the interior of the pipe or vessel, enabling you to measure the concentration, distribution and velocity of the contents. ECT research systems have a variety of applications dependent on the industry requirement; for example weighing travelling materials without flow interference, or measuring the mass of fuel in vessels which is subject to sloshing or zero gravity as in for the Space industry or gas industry. (see industry specific applications).


Base Capacitance Measurement Unit:

These units can be produced in a number of formats:

  • Rack- based research units – This unit is designed for laboratory use a flexible tool which can be used with many standard and non-standard sensors. Built for speed, accuracy and flexibility., it is the ‘engine’ of the measurement system.
  • Protected industrial unit – This unit is designed for applications in industrial environments, and is made to IP65 standards; so is protected from moisture, dust and heat. It shares the speed and flexibility of the research system, but can be used in factories, workshops and vehicles due to its robust and protected nature.
  • Integrated sensor system – where the base unit is mounted on the pipe or vessel in situ in a low profile housing. It is designed for the specific task and long term commercial use for one application.



These sensors come in a number of forms, custom designed or standard:

  • Standard slimline clamp-on sensors – which are low cost, reusable and come in a variety of sizes.
  • Industrial spool-piece sensor – which is a short flanged pipe section sensor. Designed for use in high pressure, high temperature and aggressive fluid conditions.
  • Integrated flow sensor – for permanent use for one application in for example, factories, process lines and vehicles.


Software and Computer Systems:

Atout’s proprietary software controls the base measurement unit and provides all the information to the customer through a graphical user interface. Images can be viewed live and data can be stored and transmitted to the customer’s control system. There are 3 different versions:

  • Stand-alone research system. Comprises of a laptop and a software suite of applications; enabling the customer to control, analyse and work with multiple views of the measurement data and enabling user-specific functions, such as measuring mass flow-rate, velocity distributions and concentration profiles.
  • Standard user system. Atout works with the customer to define and configure the system so that is is easy for an operator to use. Enables the user to obtain and control the process during standard consistent operation.
  • Pre-defined sensor for industrial use – a stand alone, touch-screen protected unit, for use in industrial environments, where the operating process is already pre-defined.


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  • Laboratory research systems for imaging and tomography using Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT),
    Magnetic Inductance Tomography (MIT), Electrical Velocity Tomography (EVT)
  • Multiphase flow meters
  • Bespoke solutions for measurement problems
  • Multiphase Flow Rigs for research, education and training
  • Consultancy
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