100 years of Electrical Imaging

Andy Hunt will be a keynote speaker at the conference “100 years of electrical imaging” to be held at Mines Paristech in Paris 9-10 July 2012. Andy will speak on the history (and questions for the future) of ECT in multiphase flow measurement. Andy’s background includes 15 years with Schlumberger, and it was Conrad Schlumberger (1878-1932), professor at the Ecole des Mines de Paris (now MINES Paristech), who made the first electric field imaging experiments.

Quote from the organisers: “Over the last 100 years, electrical imaging has grown to be used in many other fields such as medical and process tomography. The objectives of the workshop are to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first electrical imaging experiment, bring together the disparate electrical imaging communities (geophysical, medical and industrial process imaging, as well as other specialist applications) and to encourage interactions and knowledge transfer between the communities on image analysis and algorithm techniques”

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