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Mass flowmeter
for dry solids

Bespoke Engineering Solutions from Atout Process

Atout Process undertakes a wide range of engineering consultancy projects, recent examples include:

  • Design of a high temperature ECT sensor.
  • Novel applications of ECT flowmeters on oilfield flowlines.
  • Performance prediction of novel wind turbine rotors.
  • Review of research centre programmes.
  • Market study for oilfield multiphase flowmeters (MPFM)
  • Data logging for solar energy production
  • Market for novel electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Performance prediction for wind turbines.
  • Verification of Flowmeter Performance.
  • The future of the UK National Standard water facilities.
  • Standards for dynamic measurement of force, torque and pressure.
  • Dynamic force calibration – establishing the value of dynamic calibration.
  • Standards for the measurement of vacuum and trace moisture in industrial vacuum processing.